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Thread: Pase One 45mm lens

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    Pase One 45mm lens

    Can anyone that has used a Phase One 45mm lens(newest version) comment on the image quality of the lens, with respect to edge to edge sharpness.

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    Re: Pase One 45mm lens

    Generally very good.

    But for more specifics it's important to know:
    - which back you'd be using it with (sensor size and pixel pitch matter when discussing sharpness at the edge)
    - what kind of photography you'd be doing
    - what are your reference points (what are comparing to? e.g. a wide angle SLR or a tech camera lens - everything is relative)
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    Re: Pase One 45mm lens

    I agree with Doug - generally very good, maybe approaching excellent at f11. I use mine for landscape work on the IQ180 and I find the corner sharpening in C1 helpful to clean up the extreme edges.

    I don't know how good it would be for, say, architectural work where straight lines are important because I've never used it that way.

    It's also light and compact, at least by MF standards! (About the same size and weight as the LS80 mm).


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