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Thread: Flash trigger stuck-Cambo RS

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    Flash trigger stuck-Cambo RS

    I dont know why but i mounted a flash trigger remote into the hot shoe on a Cambo RS and now i am not able to get it out. It seems to have a locked itself in place cause i thought i heard a click when i mounted it. Has any one else faced a situtaion like this before, any help is appreciated. thanks, Harshan

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    Re: Flash trigger stuck-Cambo RS

    I have a Cambo DS - I have also had a poblem with my hot shoe - but slightly different - a small flat sprung clip just fell out of the hot he one ay - I resuced it and have it but have not attempted to resolve why it has come adrift - it does not aper to be broken or distorted - mabe this clip has come partilly adrift in your and has jammed the removal of your trigger?

    Just a thought.

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