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Thread: Contax 645 Repair? (Pref. Europe)

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    Contax 645 Repair? (Pref. Europe)

    Hello all.

    My beloved and trusted Contax 645 has stopped working mid-shoot. It doesn't power on, doesn't fire, nothing in the viewfinder display, but it does give a slight whirring sound for a second when I switch it on or off.

    I changed the batteries, tried several ones, both 2CR5 and AA in the power grip, tried an extra power grip. In the process I noticed that the 2CR5 was really hot when I took it out. So I am guessing fried electronics. Possibly I caused it by unscrewing the power grip with out switching the camera off?

    I just spoke to Alpha Digital in the UK, they ship it to Japan, for an 8 week turnaround on repairs...8 weeks, this is my workhorse...

    They were kind enough to send me the direct address to the repairer in Japan (as I am shipping from Denmark anyway), but I am hoping there is a repairer inGermany or perhaps France.

    Your help and input is much appreciated.

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    Re: Contax 645 Repair? (Pref. Europe)

    PM sent

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