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Thread: Mamiya 45mm AF lens noise?

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    Mamiya 45mm AF lens noise?

    Just acquired a used Mamiya 45mm AF lens. Seems to work just fine, but, man, is the lens noisy when focusing! I'd describe it as a sotto voce garbage disposal sound.

    Is this typical? Seems nosier than the 80mm I have.


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    Re: Mamiya 45mm AF lens noise?

    I have the 45 and 80 as well. I wouldn't necessarily consider the 45 any noisier than the 80, neither are quiet. I've not done any side-by-side testing, but the noise difference was never consciously notable, so maybe that's why.

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    Re: Mamiya 45mm AF lens noise?

    I just compared a few lenses including the 45mm, 80mm, et al, and they all seem in a similar realm of sound/noise. I have stuff in my garage that sounds similar as well as smoother and more elegant, but the lenses all seem to share focusing sounds within a tolerable range. In other words, my 45mm does not sound particularly worse or noisier, and does not stand out as crunchy or alarming.

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