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Thread: Contax 645 Digital Back Compatibility

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    Contax 645 Digital Back Compatibility


    Can anyone tell me what the Contax 645 digital back compatibility is like? I've owned one many years ago and it was by far my favorite medium format camera, it seemed everything I pointed it at became a great photo. When it came time to try digital the Kodak backs were all the rage but the integration with the contax wasn't that good so I bought a hasselblad H1 and never was happy with it. The camera was fine, but the lenses just didn't stack up to the Zeiss glass of the Contax. Anyway, I'm thinking about giving medium format digital another try and the camera I lust for (Sinar M) I'll never be able to afford, so I'm thinking about the Contax again. The camera has obviously been discontinued for quite some time, so I'd really like to make sure I understand what I might be getting into. As much as I like the camera, I really want to make sure I get something that integrates well. I would like the camera and back to behave as if they belonged together. If someone in the know can fill me in on the Contax situation I would be much abliged. The situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that I really can't afford medium format digital, so I'll be looking used equipment that can be had for a reasonable price, relatively speaking.



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    Re: Contax 645 Digital Back Compatibility

    what do you mean by the integration wasnt that good?
    i never owned a kodak back!

    i do now own a contax 645(actually 2) and a p45+ and just love it
    the only let down is the reconfiguration for long exposures
    making sure the contacts between the camera and back are disconnected and switching some settings in the back.

    otherwise i as i said, i love it

    what you are getting into is that official support ended but there are many smaller companies specialised on the contax system.
    i had one of my 645 at service for numerous issues and got it all fixed for around 300 euro including replacement of inner electronics.

    so if you aren't constantly switching between normal shooting and long exposure, you should be just fine!
    older p1 and leaf backs go for around 5000$/€ like p25+

    best regards


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