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Thread: Leaf Aptus II Batteries

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    Leaf Aptus II Batteries

    Since the Leaf Aptus II backs attach the batteries external to the back, it is possible to have batteries of larger dimensions. Given the draw of the Aptus II 12 back, I can see the value of having more storage capable batteries to extend shooting time.

    What have you found to be the largest capacity battery for the Aptus II digital backs? Is it preferable to have two of the standard size batteries (or more) instead of larger size batteries.

    In the standard size Leaf battery, what is the largest milli amp hour design available?

    Jerry Reed

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    Re: Leaf Aptus II Batteries

    Yes, there's a few sizes available as these are the same as some more common batteries for samsung camcorders....

    The largest I know of is the SB-L480, in between was a SB-L320

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    Re: Leaf Aptus II Batteries

    i'm using bigger batteries as well... but, when using a kapture sliding back, with the back in portrait mode... there's not enought room... the battery won't fit because of the RMFX finder !

    It works fine on a genuine Arca Rotaslide.

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