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Thread: Hasselblad Phocus 1.1.1 released

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    Hasselblad Phocus 1.1.1 released

    New features since V 1.1

    Support for the new H3D-II 50 camera.

    You can now setup an after-export action in the export dialog to either open exported files in the selected image editor or to reveal them in Finder.

    Both queue items and thumbnails now have a contextual menu associated - right click or ctl-click to access the menus. This for instance enables you to reveal a selected file in Finder.

    Approval levels of 3FR files can now be edited and the info is carried over during import.

    Issues fixed

    Viewer display color management on multiple monitor setups is now handled correctly.

    An issue leading to missing RGB readouts after using the switch compare views function has been fixed.

    Incorrect calibration data was applied when capturing or importing Ixpress images.

    For an easy overview of the basic features of Phocus, please see our video tutorials available at this link: Watch video tutorials

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    David Jay

    Re: Hasselblad Phocus 1.1.1 released

    Hello Paul,

    I just downloaded Phocus pc and am in the process of giving it a test run. The manual (Mac only?) says: "A scroll bar can be displayed along the
    bottom of the Thumbnail Browser." How do you do this in horizontal layout?

    Also, should the tool area scroll in the same way that LR does?

    Thank you.

    David Jay

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