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Thread: Phase One P65 Plus Sneak Peak

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    Re: Phase One P65 Plus Sneak Peak

    Quote Originally Posted by Jan Brittenson View Post
    Here's my (EE) perspective on it. The major source of noise is in the ADC, not in the image grid itself. This is called ...
    Here is an article of how it works:

    Its actually a beautifully simple technique.

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    Re: Phase One P65 Plus Sneak Peak

    Quote Originally Posted by dougpetersonci View Post
    Sensor+ Raises the effective ISO by two stops while reducing the resolution to 15 megapixels. So you can shoot in the normal 60.5 megapixel at ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 or in Sensor Plus at 15 megapixels at ISO 200, 400, 800, 1600, or ISO 3200. The two sets of ISOs correspond quite strongly such that Normal_ISO_50 is roughly equal in look when viewed at 100% as SensorPlus_ISO_200. Likewise:

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    I notice there is a similar feature with the Powerphase backs, but you only gain one stop, not two. Given that there are no interpolation problems, and the backs are still in production, I wonder if this could not be applied in a firmware/software fix?

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