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Thread: New bright linhof ground glass - resolution?

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    New bright linhof ground glass - resolution?

    I've tried for some while to find out if the ground glass resolution of the new bright Linhof ground glass is as good as the old (which is very good for being a ground glass). Linhof themselves are reluctant to answer the question though, and the dealers that do answer have not really used 20x loupes or 1:1 macro photography to find out for real. This glass costs $1500 so I'd like to know before I buy what I get. I've seen photos of the improved brightness (which is substantial), so that I know. But resolution is still unknown to me.

    Any Linhof user that owns this ground glass and can provide macro shots of the glass?

    This is the shot I made on the standard ground glass mounted to the sliding back, with comparison of the resulting 33 megapixel image:

    (A 21 megapixel DSLR with a 1:1 macro lens was used to take the shot of the ground glass image.)

    That resolution together with a 20x loupe gives me the focusing precision I need. But I cannot go any lower.

    I'd like to see a similar shot with the new bright ground glass.

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    Re: New bright linhof ground glass - resolution?

    From what I've heard, in terms of brightness the new screen is comparable to the old acute one - but larger in order to accept the scoring for larger DBs (40mm x 54mm). Don't know about resolution.

    Since the old acute screen was the fresnel from a Hasselblad 'Acute Matte D' in a Linhof holder (plus Linhof cover glass), if you can get hold of one of those you might be able to get a ball park idea of resolution. I can't imagine the new screen's is significantly greater, but you never know.

    Price is closer to $950

    BTW: The new gg doesn't have the integrated grooves anymore for Hasselblad finders (due to its increased size). You can still use the finders, you just need to drop an adapter plate (1104) into one of the spare slots. Also, Linhof & Studio will soon be stocking a new Silvestri 12x loupe that has a square 1cm x 1cm base (so that it'll be easier seeing into the corners on the gg) - sounds good.

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