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Thread: P30+ vs H4D 31

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    P30+ vs H4D 31

    hey up everyone
    I am going through a long process of choosing a digital medium format set up according to my scarce budget. I have managed to whittle it down to three options

    1) Mamiya 645AFD and P30+ (I already own a MAFD with film back and I like the sensor plus option on the P30+)

    2) Hassy H1 and P30+ (I found a bundle at a decent price but quite high shutter count, I'd sell my MAFD)

    3) Hassy H4D 31 bundle (slightly more expensive but better actuation count)

    I have used the Hassy H cameras on several occasions and I prefer it to the MAFD system and I am leaning towards the H4D bundle.
    What is it like at higher ISO values.... i.e. ISO400?
    what are your thoughts?
    Many thanks

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    Re: P30+ vs H4D 31

    Quote Originally Posted by MrMoo View Post
    I already own a MAFD with film back and I like the sensor plus option on the P30+)
    P30+ does not have sensor plus. The P40+, P65+ and all IQ and IQ2 backs do.

    ISO400 on a P30+ when processed in Capture One v7 is very high in quality.
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    Re: P30+ vs H4D 31

    Cool. And what about in terms of shutter count? What are the issues of buying some kit with higher shutter count?
    I've always thought it makes little difference as long as the kit is kept properly.... Discuss

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    Re: P30+ vs H4D 31

    I had an H4D-31 for a while. At ISO 400 it was rather noisy. At 200 it was ok.

    All the best.

    Richard Naismith

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