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Thread: Concepts for fast Live View

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    Concepts for fast Live View

    I just had an idea for putting a form of LV into MF SLR cameras; add a switch that slides a live view sensor in front of, or in place of the AF module, this uses the secondary mirror of the camera, allowing you to use both LV and the optical finder at the same time. Since the LV would be part of the camera, it would be compatible with any back, so long as there is a way to add a digital finder.

    Obviously, the secondary mirror is somewhat smaller than the main mirror, so you won't get full frame coverage, but since LV is often used for 5x and 10x enlargement anyway, this might not be as much of a problem other than not being able to zoom in to the corners.

    I would like to know if anyone else had brainstormed up interesting solutions to this besides waiting till MF sensors go CMOS.

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    Re: Concepts for fast Live View

    I don't think live view is that eagerly desired actually.

    As a view camera user I would not cry that much if I could ditch the sliding back, but those users that use pancake cameras already focus using other methods which don't rely on live view. And those shooting with MF SLR uses normal autofocus and looks through the viewfinder.

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