I finally got tired of the lack of granularity in the Arca charts.

Give this a shot, I find the helical settings I am getting to be quite accurate and certainly far more granular than the charts. I did quite a bit of testing on the 120N ASPH at very near min focus distance, and it was bang on. Also tested the 40HR. The 60XL, and 32HR not so extensively, but for the points I did test, it was good.

I am still waiting for my 23 and 90 so don't have those in here yet.

Couple of things to note:

1. All measurements are in feet
2. The last column shows the color of the helical revolution
3. There are limits etc., I need to put in to clean this up.
4. There are macros, so you will get a warning message.

Perhaps one day we can have an iPhone app.