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Thread: shooting rings for 1m enlargements

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    shooting rings for 1m enlargements

    Hi All

    I have a job to shoot a number of rings for display up to 1m across. I have two issues-
    1)I have a choice of systems to use-H4D with 120mm lens or NikonD800e with 105/200mm micro.
    I already know the arguments for MFDB versus DSLR but I can easily focus stack automated using the Stackshot with the Nikon system but cannot with the Hasselblad...So i guess my questions would be will the D800 hold up to such enlargements and retain detail or would the extra convenience of the Nikon be superseded by the Hasselblad when enlarged that much?
    2)What kind of pixel dimensions would my image need to be to look 'good' when enlarged up to 1m.
    Anyone have experience in this type of work with a qualified opinion is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: shooting rings for 1m enlargements

    Both cameras will produce native files that can be used in a 1m print. I regularly print at that size. Some folks uprez, but I have not found that to be important.

    As far as focus stacking, it does not matter whether you do it manually or automatically as far a quality--I do focus stacking with compound microscopes and have done it both manually and automatically. Focus stacking is easy. You might be able to motorize or used a geared stage or camera mount where the stage or camera is moved meaning you could use any camera. Moving the camera is easier. By moving the camera, rather than focusing with the lens, you are not changing magnification.

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    Re: shooting rings for 1m enlargements

    Why would you not be able to use the stackshot with the HB?? I frequently use my HB with the stackshot without any issues. I actually did do some large ring shots this way.

    The only thing you have to do with the HB is set the parameters on the stackshot controller (starting point, endpoint and number of images), after pressing start you end up with a number of FFF files that you need to process in Phocu or you can have them exported automatically. The only manual thing you have to do is import them into something like Helicon Focus.

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