I was on a location shoot today, shooting my P40+ / 645DF+, and I kept getting the error message "Image not stored: Imagedata damaged during transfer" error #10 when shooting tethered.

Unfortunately, after clearing the error message, the camera continued to shoot, even though it stopped transferring data to the laptop! I only noticed this once I got back and downloaded my files...noticing a number of gaps in file numbers. As a result, I lost a number of good shots.

(What actually seems to have happened was the back 'thought' it was transferring images to C1, as the red LED stayed lit, and C1 said there were n number of images in buffer remaining to be downloaded. But, no matter how long I waited, no images were transferred. The back had to be unplugged and the battery removed before it would work again. The result was that files in the buffer were lost...although, in the middle of a busy shoot, I didn't realise that at the time.)

Other equipment used is a Speedotron 2400 Ws pack (running from 300 to 1200 Ws) and 1 head, an HP laptop, a powered FW hub, power-bar, and extension cord. Thinking the hub might have been the culprit, I removed it from the chain and powered the back off of battery, but this did not help.

All cables were unplugged and then re-plugged to make sure they were seated correctly.

I thought that perhaps the Speedotron and the laptop being plugged into the same power-bar might have been the problem (as later shots when I was running the laptop off of battery power seemed to not have the same issue, as far as I could recall), but I have been unable to recreate the problem with the same set-up in the studio.

Shooting un-tethered to CF card had no issues and worked fine.

So at this point I've shot another 500 frames back in the studio, with the exact same set-up, and have gotten the error twice. In the field, I was getting it about ever 20 frames on average, but randomly.

Any thoughts as to what could be the problem? Anyone experience the same thing?


P.S. I have back firmware 5.2.2 and C1 version 7.1.1 installed. A variety of lenses were used.