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Thread: RZ67 Pro II D Mirror Problem

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    RZ67 Pro II D Mirror Problem

    Hi all

    My RZ67 Pro II D has developed a problem in the last few weeks which I can't seem to rectify.

    The problem is once I fire the shutter I can hear the mechanism that fires the mirror and shutter click but the mirror does not actuate and the shutter does not fire.

    I have narrowed it back to the body as it will occur without the back or lens and yes even in mechanical emergency mode.

    With everything removed from the camera, lens, back, view finder and battery, I still get the issue.

    I don't know who to contact for help as I can't find a repairer here in Australia.

    This fellow on youtube has exactly the same issue

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    Re: RZ67 Pro II D Mirror Problem

    I assume you've checked/changed the battery?
    RZ's seem weird - battery issues all over.
    Mine - even with a good battery - now wants me to remove Phase back/lenses
    and go to mechanical mode to fire a shot - and only then will it work in normal mode.
    and I've had my camera checked professionally in NYC before this latest nonsense.
    Still love/use the hell out of it though

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