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Thread: Phocus 1.1.2 Mac & Phocus 1.0.1 Windows

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    Phocus 1.1.2 Mac & Phocus 1.0.1 Windows

    Phocus 1.1.2 Mac - bugfix version

    Highlights of issues fixed:
    - Crash issue that could occur during tethered capture with H3DII-50 in portrait mode.
    - Issues with RGB readout when in full screen mode.
    - Handling of ColorSync profiles when being a non-admin or working with multiple users.
    - Issues with color handling, when dragging the viewer between more monitors.
    - Improved stability when running in 32-bit mode on first generation Intel Mac's.

    Phocus 1.0.1 Windows - bugfix version

    Highlights of issues fixed:
    - Color rendering when working with an icc calibrated monitor.
    - Distribution of light in the histogram R,G,B channels are now correct.
    - Issues with exporting to DNG have been fixed.
    - Color wheel lightness now active.
    - Set path to active capture destination when importing files.

    For a complete list of fixes and added features, please read the Phocus read-me file.

    To download Phocus directly from this message, click this link: Download Phocus

    For an easy overview of the basic features of Phocus, please see our video tutorials available at this link: Watch video tutorials

    Paul Claesson
    Hasselblad USA

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    Re: Phocus 1.1.2 Mac & Phocus 1.0.1 Windows

    Thanks Paul for posting this. I am sure this will help the windows Phocus users
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    Re: Phocus 1.1.2 Mac & Phocus 1.0.1 Windows


    Any update on when the new H3 firmware will be available. It sure would be nice to have ISO 800.


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