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Thread: Help! Shutter button not working on H2

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    Help! Shutter button not working on H2


    My shutter button on my hasselblad h2 does not work anymore, I have not misused it, abused it, and have babied it.

    The camera will fire with the cable release attached, and focus with the back button user focus. The actual shutter button will not respond at all. I have tried unplugging the batteries, letting it sit, taking off the back, lens, prism and there appears to be no other things to take off of it.

    Any ideas what is wrong or how to potentially fix it?
    Rick Rose

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    Re: Help! Shutter button not working on H2

    Next time you are in Culver City, talk to Steve Choi (ΆΖ Steve's Camera Service Center ΆΖ).
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