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Thread: Looking for more info on Mamiya DL28

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    Looking for more info on Mamiya DL28

    I have posted this on two other forums and have received some good responses, but they keep pointing me back to this forum so here goes:

    Having done a lot of reading about the new crop of medium format cameras, I am seriously considering the Mamiya DL28. I have been shooting 35mm for over 33 years and currently have a Canon 1Ds (the original 11.1 megapixel) and a lot of Canon gear. It is time for me to upgrade and I am having a hard time trying to decide between staying with Canon 35mm or moving to medium format. I know that as you pack more pixels in a smaller sensor a new crop of problems arise.

    Ultimately, image quality is my main goal. I mainly shoot landscapes, portraits and commercial subjects and realize that medium format would suit my style of photography. The new offering by Mamiya seems to be a good compromise for me, but I have yet to read a full review of this set up. Would the Mamiya DL28 allow the use of a leaf shutter lens to increase the flash sync capability?

    Any information would help me decide, but I am really looking for someone who has purchased the Mamiya DL28. I know it is just a combo of the Leaf Aptus II-6 back with the 645AFD III camera with 80mm f2.8 D lens (and choice of an additional 50 or 150). At $15,000. this seems like a great deal.

    Link from LL:


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    Re: Looking for more info on Mamiya DL28

    Jerry I can't speak for the Leaf back but I can for the Phase body and glass. Simply put it seems you are a great candidate to move up given your desire to for one and what you shoot.I have the Phase body 28mm D , 35,55 80 d and 150 D plus a P25 back. As far as leaf shutter the answer is yes as soon as they come to market , we are waiting on at least the 80mm to start with more to follow. The leaf 28 deal is a very nice price no question and something certainly worth looking at as a pretty inexpensive way in. Now Jack and I are hopefully getting a leaf back to test next month at our workshop and hopefully those arrangements will go through but we have not heard back from the local rep on that decision.

    As far as the Mamiya AFDIII/Phase one body which are the same BTW I really like it and prefer more the DSLR style of body. I do not have a need for a waist level finder so that is a non issue for me. But I get extremely nice results with my glass and with my 22mpx sensor and don't let anyone tell you otherwise it kicks some real *** as far as quality of image over anything in 35mm. So honestly any back you pick that will be the case. What you need to look at with the Backs is there functions and software that you will process them with. Now Leaf does use Dalsa sensors which are very good but there high ISO limits maybe right at ISO 400, That one we have to check to make sure on that particular back. I do think there is at least one forum member that just made this purchase.
    Okay i take the ISO 400 back . Here are the specs but does not say the micron size

    CCD Size 44 x 33mm / 6144 x 4622 pixels
    Resolution 28 MP
    Capture Rate sec/fr 1
    File Size MOS 53 MB
    MOS Lossless Compression 31 MB
    TIFF 16-bit 159 MB
    8 bit RGB 80 MB
    8 bit CMYK 106 MB
    ISO Sensitivity 50 - 800
    Color Depth 16 bits (65,536 levels per channel)
    Dynamic Range 12 f-stops
    Color Mgt Workflow Range of 12 profiles including factory profiles, plus optional ability for users to create their own custom camera profiles.
    Leaf RAW file format A standard, open RAW format compatible with many leading applications
    LCD Screen 6 x 7 cm (3.5 in) Advanced, bright, high-contrast touch screen interface for indoor or outdoor work
    View Camera Compatibile Yes
    Dimensions W 95 x H 82 x D 59 mm
    Weight 600 g (1.3lb)
    Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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    Re: Looking for more info on Mamiya DL28

    I have read one review done by diglloyd that was encouraging. He did a short article on his blog (free) and then an extensive review of the system (subscription needed).

    Pixel size = 7.2 microns

    The Hasselblad H3DII-31 is going for around $18,000 now. I have read reviews of that system that were very favorable. The Kodak 31 mp sensor used on this camera has microlenses for increased ISO sensitivity and the Hasselblad lenses have leaf shutters.


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