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Thread: Parallels Access / Lightroom / Capture One

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    Parallels Access / Lightroom / Capture One

    Thought I would mention this new piece of technology. It has great possibilities for photographers.

    Product is called Parallels Access:

    Parallels Access - Parallels

    It allows you to use an iPad to connect to a Mac or PC over Wifi. You can then access any of the applications on that computer directly from the iPad. So think Lightroom or Capture One etc.

    Could be very useful and I like the sound of it because it is not directly linked with any one product. If will work with any app on your computer.

    Parallels Access puts Mac and PC apps on your iPad for $79.99 | The Verge

    PS God I sound like a salesman. Didn't mean to!

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    Re: Parallels Access / Lightroom / Capture One

    That price is $80 per year. Not the same thing.... and $80/yr for each computer you wish to access. May be totally worth it. :shrug:

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