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Thread: Phase One DF camera >>loosing custom settings for now reason

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    Phase One DF camera >>loosing custom settings for now reason

    I was wondering if any of you with a Phase DF and DF+ are loosing their custom settings suddenly?
    I had a DF now a DF+ and I set the rear button to focus only.
    I never liked the focus button associated with the release shutter button so I change this on all cameras.
    Here is manual on how to change it:
    so sometimes even during a shoot the settings would go back to default for no apparent reason.
    I have never encountered this with my Canons.
    What the f... is wrong with the camera. Both my old DF and now the DF + exhibit this behaviour when least expected and no reason whatsoever.
    Can somebody shed some light into this?
    As great as their backs are the camera body leaves much to desire and I have a feeling I am not the only one being frustrated with the lack of innovation and reliability.
    if there is a fix please let me know

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    Re: Phase One DF camera >>loosing custom settings for now reason

    I had a DF+ for testing here 4 weeks ago; the camera was directly from Phase One.

    On a test-trip I lost suddenly my settings, too ( I could remember I had Mup + selftimer - and suddenly the camera had forgotten this ).

    For me was it not a big problem, because at that time I that this perhaps was a "special setting" from the P1-representative. But perhaps is there a general problem and you should contact P1/your dealer.
    P.S.: If your wife knows everything... it's mostly not good for your gear.

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    Re: Phase One DF camera >>loosing custom settings for now reason

    When I got my 645DF+, it would lose the custom fuctions every time I turned it off. I use it with the Leaf Aptus II 7. I took it to a store where they connected a Leaf Credo to my camera body. After setting a custom function, turning the camera off and on again, the custom function was not lost. So they presumed that I needed to upgrade the firmware of my Leaf Aptus II. Then we did that, but it didn't help. At least I got the new GUI for the back, which is nice. But the problem remained. So they suggested I upgrade the firmware of the camera body.

    Upgrading the firmware of the camera body solved the problem. Now all the custom fuctions that I prefer stay all the time, so I don't need to enter them every time the camera has been turned off.

    The Leaf rep said it's important for the firmware of the body and back to be in sync. It's hard to know if the issue is the camera body, or the digital back. Best thing is to use the current firmware for both. These are the ones currently on the Phase One website:

    firmware version 2.20 for the 645DF+ camera
    firmware release 1.57 for the 645DF camera

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