In addition to PhotoPlus Expo, Shoot NYC will be having an offsite event again at 608 West 28th Street, about 5 blocks from the Javits Center.

Among the participating vendors with product being shown will be:

*Hasselblad - Single and Multi Shot cameras in use on a variety of sets and subjects

*Broncolor - Premium strobe lighting and accessories

*Kobald - Weather-proof HMI lighting solutions that integrate with Broncolor modifiers

*Foba - Camera stands, shooting tables, integrated grip, ballheads

*Sunbounce - High quality, small to large scale scrims, frames for daylite manipulation

In addition, there are continuous seminars and lectures. It's a cool space and less crowded than the Expo. It's much easier to get some one on one time with a rep or demoing a product.

Dave Gallagher, Dave McRitchie, and Steve Hendrix will be at Shoot NYC as well as the PhotoExpo throughout Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Evenings may work also.

If you'd like to meet up, or get together for some one on one time with a specific product, our cell numbers are all on our staff pages:

Steve Hendrix
Capture Integration