While this isn't the common place to share commercial promos, I requested the permission from GetDPI to share this initiative.

Capture Integration is teaming with Phase One to help battle breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Imagine life without breast cancer—where your mother, daughter, sister or friend doesn’t have to worry if she will be the one-in-eight women diagnosed with the disease. While we have made tremendous progress in the fight, people are still dying from breast cancer—and that’s unacceptable.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to battle breast cancer

2900 mAh Phase One Batteries - $70 - Recommended for IQ1/IQ2 Backs
2600 mAh CI Certified Phase One P+ Batteries - $40

Through the month of October, Capture Integration will donate the full proceeds of the Phase One batteries to the fight against breast cancer. If you are using Phase One backs, please read this important announcement - The Definitive Word on Phase One Batteries.

Throughout October, purchase online or over the phone to support this cause. Thanks for your support!