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Thread: IQ 160 in the cold

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    IQ 160 in the cold

    Planning trip to Canadian Rockies mid January - yep - the deep freeze. Anyone out there have a real world low temp usability number. Tech sheets cite 14 F but I expect to be colder much of the time. Back will be used cross platform between Arca and Mamiya with a Canon backup

    apologies if this has been discussed already, i could not find the thread

    And yes - I have lots of batteries

    thanks in advance Nye

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    Re: IQ 160 in the cold

    Bring more batteries than you usually use. Swap them from inside the camera to your inside pocket (where they will be heated).

    Also pay attention to rapid changes in temperature which can cause condensation - I've never seen a back damaged by such condensation, but I'd hate to see a first .

    Also make sure your firmware is up to date as the very first release of firmware had some issues with power management in cold weather which were addressed a few months after the IQ launched.
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