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Thread: Question re H4D Shutter Speed

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    Question re H4D Shutter Speed

    I recently discovered that I cannot get a shutter speed longer than 32 seconds on my H4D 60. B or T mode makes no difference. The shutter closes after 32 seconds. Is there a reason for this that I'm missing? Is there a workaround? Pardon my ignorance, but I had no need for very long exposures up until this time.

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    Re: Question re H4D Shutter Speed

    32 seconds is the max - see page 6

    The sensor builds up a fair amount of heat based on how they use it.

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    Re: Question re H4D Shutter Speed

    To explain further every back has some maximum exposure length.

    Some backs have a "hard" cut off meaning they turn off automatically when they hit a certain length.

    Other backs have a "soft" cutoff meaning you can exposure any arbitrary length with the understanding that some point the quality will become unacceptable.

    Here is a story that contains some industry background and technical information about long exposure in medium format. It's a biased article (I wrote it to explain the backstory to the iq260's long exposure capability, and my company does not sell Hasselblad backs) but should still prove an interesting read if you want to understand the technical reasons or the limit you've experienced.

    IQ260 Story
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