Hello everyone!

I have a few questions that have probably been asked a million times, but I am unable to find some specific information that I figured some members in this forum would have experience with and personal knowledge of.

Some backstory:

I recently became intrigued by 4x5 camera systems (a good friend of mine picked up a Sinar P2 for a not so bad price on craigslist not too long ago) and was considering picking up a somewhat affordable old school setup and adapting it to be used with my p45+.

I managed to find the kapture group website, but they had so many different options and items that I was not sure exactly what would be needed to get started. I like the idea of a sliding back to make super high resolution stitched images though.

So my questions are:

1. What type of decent 4x5 setups would be good to use for this? I like the design of some old Cambo's or Sinar cameras with the rails/bellows etc.

2. What focal length lenses to look for when using backs (as I am assuming the crop would be significant)

3. What would be the ideal setup to be able to adapt the back to the camera and be able to focus, etc.. (I unfortunately do not have an IQ back and do not have the means to afford one at this point)

If anyone has any experience with the following, or some images and explanation of their setups, I'd greatly appreciate it! I am mainly looking at doing this as a hobby/fun thing, and will be sticking to my H2 for the remainder of my work.

Thanks for reading!