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Thread: Alpa SWA grips

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    Alpa SWA grips

    Hi Guys

    since I am switching from Phase backs to others, I no longer need the Phase wake up grips on my Alpa SWA. I want to change to a pair of regular wood grips. Are those hard to remove? I normally wouldn't think twice but since it's got the delicate shift function right next to the grips, I don't want to screw with it without doing some research. Anyone had similar experiences?


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    Re: Alpa SWA grips

    Not a problem. Three screws on top and three on the bottom. Does not effect anything on the shifting mechanism. Note that one of the screws is of different length so you put them back in the right place!

    A tip. If you put in the new grips and the waterbubble levels are slightly off, then you can ever so slightly chim the top plates to tweak placement to perfection. Put the camera on a deadlevel flat surface and see where the levels on cam are and if you need an adjustment just cut out a thin piece of tape and place underneath. We are talking very small tweaks so it will not be seen.
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    Re: Alpa SWA grips

    The handgrips are "Standard" for the SWA and Not listed as separate parts in the ALPA product list .
    So why dont you just remove the switch and cables and get a little cover for the remaining hole .
    A pair of handgrips or if possible just the left grip will be rather expensive .
    Regards . Jürgen .
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