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Thread: Pentax 645D Tethered with Capture One

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    Pentax 645D Tethered with Capture One

    I've read the white paper on the Ricoh Pentax website about using Capture One to tether the 645D. I'm curious if anyone here has tried it and how well it works. I don't currently use Capture One. Thanks.

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    Re: Pentax 645D Tethered with Capture One

    Sort of.

    It's not really tethering with Capture One, at least in the way (native tethering) that most people think of. You're just telling Capture One to watch the folder (same idea when using the hot folder option in LightRoom) for new files, using Pentax's software to connect and control the camera and deposit captured raws into that folder.

    Hot folder tethering is slower than native tethering and you lose out on a lot of the native-tethering features like styling the images on the fly.

    Also the raw processing of C1 has not been catered to the Pentax 645D (grain rendition, color profiles, lens correction, etc) so rendition of the file won't be ideal compared to cameras C1 has catered support for (e.g. most Canon/Nikon SLRs and all Phase/Leaf backs). It will open since it's a DNG file, but being able to open a file is a very basic level of support compared to catered/optimized support.

    If you're used to fully featured, professional tethering, I don't think you'll be satisfied. If you're just in need of some very basic snap-to-screen tethering it should be easy enough for you to use.

    Still, if you want to give it a shot C1 Pro is free to try for 60 days.
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    Re: Pentax 645D Tethered with Capture One

    Charles, I may be wrong, but I think there may be one or two independently written programs for tethering the 645D and feedback on the pluses and minuses of using them. I'm sure with a search, the info can be readily found.

    Dave (D&A)

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