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Thread: Help Needed for Getting in to Medium Format!

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    Re: Help Needed for Getting in to Medium Format!

    Thanks for the Kind words and suggestions. I tested the lens on another body and the same problem in that body also. So the problem is with the lens. I tested my friend's lens on my DF+ body, but there was no problem. The firmware on that lens is newer than mine. Anyway I asked for a replacement.
    Thanks once again and sorry for the delay in reply. I was out of station and there was no internet access.

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    Re: Help Needed for Getting in to Medium Format!

    I had the same issue with my 120 macro and needed a firmware upgrade for the lens a number of years ago to work with the DF. I had to send it in to Mamiya/leaf to get it upgraded - you can't do it yourself.

    Perhaps this'll help somebody else: Another lens issue with the DF+ and in this case the 150D can occur when using live view with an IQ back. Occasionally, but not always, when going into LV the mirror will flip up and the lens will make a buzzing note as if the AF motor is trying to engage. If you press in slightly the lens release button it'll reset and stop. It's a known Phase One DF+ issue but intermittent and they don't have a fix. I confirmed that I have the latest body and lens firmware.
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