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Thread: My Linhof Techno has seized :-(

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    My Linhof Techno has seized :-(

    I was out shooting with my Techno today and the rise and fall on the back seized up. The knob is extremely hard to turn Ė Iím located to try force it, but it does move if you put force into it. I canít see anything that might obstruct movement when looking at the thread that is exposed when looking at the inside of the standard and was shooting indoors, so nothing extreme. Iím guessing these things are pretty simple in terms of build, being mechanical parts only, but Iím guessing theyíre really fussy in terms of tolerances. Does anyone out there know if there is anything I could do on my end to try fix it, or do you think Iíll need to send it off for specialist care? I have a friend who is a trained Hasselblad and Olympus repair person who I could ask to look at it, but I donít want to do that if itís possible to put something out of absolute alignment in the process. Anyway, your advise is appreciated as Iím stuck without the use of it.

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    Re: My Linhof Techno has seized :-(

    I haven't had the same problem or heard of someone that had. I'd ask Paula at Linhof Studio, they sell many Technos so if this is a typcial problem they would know about it.

    I don't think taking it apart and cleaning the gears would risk alignment in the back, it's pretty fixed at manufacturing time as far as I understand. The front standard can be adjusted though.

    If "specialist care" means sending it to Linhof in MŁnchen from were you live I'd have your friend look at it. Even in the unlikely event of putting it out of alignment you just need to send it to Linhof for realignment, so either you need to send it there directly or you get a chance not having to do that.

    Please let us know how it goes.

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