I understand AS are continuing to develop the new eshutter system, now hoping for availability in spring sometime. I am considering whether to wait and order a lens or two in the new shutter or stick with Copal despite the availability issues. It would help to know a bit more.before making that decision and I can't seem to find solid details about how one controls the internal and FP shutters.

Can anyone who has actually seen it describe how the controller software functions? Is parameter adjustment easy and quick?

The great strength of the Rollei LCS is the ease with which aperture, speed and shutter release are implemented. You twirl a real wheel to change aperture and speed, and push a real button to open/close the shutter for live view, and another real button to acquire. In contrast, feature settings (e.g. shutter delay, bracketing) on the LCS are a royal pain because you have to go through one of those awful primitive LCD screens and make repetitive button pushes up and down to change things.

Anyway, it is (for me) a major factor. Mashing screen buttons (especially without tactile feedback) is so aversive that I will probably pass on the new system if that is how it is done. At some point, someone will come up with an app that controls an MF eshutter and I can wait for that. For example, Sony's PlayMemories Mobile implements a simple interface that works OK as a remote control. Would be better with tactile buttons, but it does the job well enough. Is the new AS controller as responsive as your typical app?