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Thread: P1 SK 150mm LS Lens Thoughts?

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    P1 SK 150mm LS Lens Thoughts?

    Hey everyone,

    Looking to pick up the SK 150mm LS - but it seems to be gear that's hard to find images of on the web. Without much info, and without a chance to look at it in the near future:

    1. Does anyone have any sample images to share? I don't mind if they're jpegs or anything - I'm not here to pixel peep! I'd just love to see what's out there. Even on Flickr, there's just like 6 car images and a portrait. I'm a portrait shooter, so anything related would be awesome!

    2. Thoughts? Love, hate, or somewhere in between?

    3. Versus the 110mm? I think the 110 would end up being too similar to 80, especially on a 1.3x crop IQ140, but open to hearing opinions!

    Thanks y'all!

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    Re: P1 SK 150mm LS Lens Thoughts?

    i don't use it often but its a beauty of a lens..

    used w/ iq160
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    Re: P1 SK 150mm LS Lens Thoughts?

    If you're located in the U.S. shoot me an email.

    We maintain a large catalog of example images for just this reason and would be glad to send you sample Raw files.

    In general the 150LS is a nice lens but has more CA than the 110 or 240. If you don't need sync speed I actually prefer the 150D.
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    Re: P1 SK 150mm LS Lens Thoughts?

    I'm a portrait photographer, and the 150mm is my most used lens. I had the 150mm D for quite some time, and decided to move to the 150LS, primarily because of the leaf shutter. The 150 D may be a hair sharper, but really doubt you can tell absent pixel peeping beyond what is going to come out of the printer. I currently use an IQ180 and DF body. I have the 110mm LS as well, but I find myself reaching for the 150 much more. It is my "go-to" lens when possible. I have the 240LS as well, but it is recently acquired and I haven't had the chance to use it for portraiture yet. One nice surprise is that the LS version appears to lock focus better than the 150mm D, which I attribute to having the latest firmware/electronics compared to the much older 150 D. The 150 D is no slouch either, and imho, remains one of the best lenses available; the FMV for a used 150mm D is surprisingly soft for such a stellar lens, imho. There is a 150D currently in the buy/sell which I think is ridiculously cheap---it's like the 150D has become the Rodney Dangerfield of "no respect" in the line of great Phase lenses. It is undeserved; I consider this lens to be in the top tier of must-have lenses for the Phase DF/XF body. I use studio strobes on location frequently, and the ability to use the faster flash sync of leaf shutters makes the 150LS a much better choice for me, albeit much more expensive.

    B&W 150 D on P30; Family 150 D on P65+; Rocco Mediate 150LS on IQ180

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    Re: P1 SK 150mm LS Lens Thoughts?


    I'm using this lens and I think its a very good one. I recently tested this lens with 120mm f4 MF lens and I found 120mm is sharper by a small margin. Im not saying 150 is soft lens. Its very good. You can check the sample (Actually its one of the first shots from my MF system. I use Credo 60 and Phaseone DF+)

    You can see the full resolution image. Its not sharpened, its Capture One's default sharpening settings. Shot in side a Studio, Hope this will help.

    Leaf Credo 60 test shot by Oamkumar Thottungal, on Flickr
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