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Thread: Leaf Aptus II 12 colors

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    Leaf Aptus II 12 colors

    Hi guys,

    for some reason I dislike the colors of the Aptus -> portraits look like they have some very light "tint", I can't say what it is, but it is either warm, maybe a bit greenish / cool ... i.e. not neutral and it is very difficult for me to get the look I am after.

    When I compare it to the Leica 007 files (I had a test unit) or the old Hasselblad 50 I like this a lot besser.

    I know that these are other sensors, but is there a way to produce anther result from these files in Capture One? Can I import "ICC" files to change the look?

    For me this is a deal killer and I am thinking of changing systems because of this as I can't get neutral colors / portraits our of this system / back.

    (I also tried to play with the input ICC profiles in C1, but this doesn't change a lot...)

    Many thanks!



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    Re: Leaf Aptus II 12 colors

    Take a look at DCamProf.

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    Re: Leaf Aptus II 12 colors

    Hi Paul, what profiles & settings are you using? The LF3 Product 5 profiles is fairly neutral and works well with both the Product and the Portrait curves. You do need to use a grey card to get the most out of these profiles but I suppose you know that already?


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