Today Leica released the new Firmware version and Image Shuttle 3.1,there is also a plug in for LR available in owners area.

Details of update..


Release date: November 2015

_ Improved auto focus performance especially in poor lighting environments _ Improved white balance setting Color Temperature (better skin tone reproduction when working with flash equipment)

_ Bug fix: Long press on the rear click wheel in Auto Review had no function.

Now a long press on the rear click wheel in Auto Review leads to 100% zoom (short cut) _ Bug fix: Sometimes a wrong exposure occurs after changing the lens. _ Bug fix: Wrong focus position after lens initialization (e.g. after stand-by) is fixed. _ Bug fix: Selftimer mode was not combined with Mirror Up. _ Bug fix: WLAN setting, AutoISO and exposure compensation is now saved correctly in the

User Profiles _ Bug fix: Leica Cable Release S (Order No. 16029) is fully supported now _ Bug fix: If GPS is off, no GPS data is stored in the image files now

_ New certification information for Singapore and Australia (Camera Menu: SETUP/Camera Information/Regulatory Information)