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Thread: XF One time Auto A/E wont work

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    XF One time Auto A/E wont work

    Howdy...I have an XF w/ an Iq250. Both have the latest firmwares. I have set Auto A/E to activate with the 2nd shutter button.
    When I activate the button, nothing happens. I have tried a short hold on the button as well as a 5 count, makes no difference. I have also noticed in the latest XF Manual, V1.2 that P1 has omitted the feature description. Anyone??????



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    Re: XF One time Auto A/E wont work

    First question, do you have the camera in Manual mode? I know that it works in that mode but I've never thought of using it in any other mode. Press and hold and it should set exposure time based on whatever aperture you have set.

    If you're in M mode, did you try it linked to the front top custom/AE button? I know that one works as I set up the XF with rear button AF and front button single AE.
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