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Thread: XF Wrist strap..???

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    XF Wrist strap..???

    OK I have a camera strap for my beloved XF, a Peak Design' Love it!...Thanks Mr Libby!...However there are many times I just need a wrist strap for insurance, It's no DSLR...LOL. Anyone have a recommendation for a wrist strap.



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    Re: XF Wrist strap..???

    Camdapter Hand Strap. Phase/RRS. Worked well for me for the DF, but I chose not to use it for the XF which is much heavier, so I opted for the Peak Design Libby strap...

    If you want my old Camdapter strap, it's yours for the price of shipping to Arizona...


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    Re: XF Wrist strap..???

    I like to have the option of a real strap, a short strap and a hand strap and also one that will never perish under the strain and sharp edges of the XF body. Thus I went with the UpStrap DSLR non slip kevlar strap with the kevlar rapid release ends (SLR-RR-K), plus a carry strap and wrist strap, all of which just clip together and can be interchanged as necessary. I like to be able to remove the strap entirely when the camera is on the tripod and the quick release system allows for that. Similarly when I'm carrying the camera bag I don't really need the full strap and so the short strap helps with providing a loop to hold on to the body. When I want to go walk about I'll put on the wrist strap on the right side kevlar release.

    Check out:
    All Camera Straps
    Large Camera Strap Accessories

    I've had a few of the Camdapter hand straps but if you've got larger hands then I always found them too small. If they fit you the design is excellent. Alas not for me though.
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