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Thread: P1 CMOS Focus Mask

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    P1 CMOS Focus Mask

    Have a 380. Was considering the upgrade to the IQ3 100, but the upgrade cost is almost equal to a second hand CMOS digital back - and if the DT visualizer is anything to go by, the smaller sensor facilitates a hell of a lot more shifting on a tech cam. So it's down to the P1 IQ 150/250 and the Credo 50 - with the deciding factor being live view.

    And so.. my questions are as follows:
    - Can the focus mask be employed in live view (sort of like focus peaking on mirrorless cameras)?
    - Can live view be zoomed?
    - Can the grids be used in Live View, and if so, do they remain if/when zoomed?

    Any insight would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: P1 CMOS Focus Mask

    Focus mask in LV? Alas not.
    LV zoom? Yes
    Grids in LV? Yes and yes when zoomed IIRC (I'm away from my camera at the moment to check but I do recall being freaked out the first time I did that I thought that I had a dead sensor line where the grid line showed in zoom).
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    Re: P1 CMOS Focus Mask

    One other thought, I did not find a great deal of extra shift when I tried the IQ150, compared to my 260. Maybe 2mm? max, with Rodenstock lenses. You still hit the IC indicator with the wides and it has the same problem. You are going to put a lot of extra work on the already taxed LCC however with massive shifts on the CMOS backs.

    I found:

    7mm max on the 28mm over 5mm
    17mm max on the 40 HR-W over the 15mm

    You will see some advantage with the medium and longer telephotos:

    20mm Max with the 60XL over 16mm on the 260
    22mm Max with the 90 HR over 16mm on the 260

    Paul C

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