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Thread: Alpa lens mechanical vignetting

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    Alpa lens mechanical vignetting

    Dear All,

    I'm getting into Alpa camera (XY/Max) for stitching.

    Any real world experience sharing for Alpa lens mechanical vignetting ?

    Two front runners, Alpa 90mm HR (yellow) SB34 and Alpa 60mm XL SB17.

    Can you use these two lenses to do full movement on XY or Max without mechanical vignetting?
    If not, what is the real number?

    Any other lens should I consider?
    ALPA Apo-Helvetar 120 mm, SB34
    Alpa 180 mm T, SB34

    From Alpa website, 34mm shift for 40x54mm CMOS seems to be the maximum.
    Can longer lens still rise/Fall/ shift that much?

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Alpa lens mechanical vignetting

    The only lens I've had that trouble with is the 150, but the simple solution is to mount the sb34 on the back of the camera. That eliminates any vignetting.

    Longer lenses are where the issue comes into play. I don't think the 90 would be a problem, but not sure about the XY. Alpa would know for sure.

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    Re: Alpa lens mechanical vignetting

    Shooting LCCs isn't that big of a deal ...
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