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Thread: Phase One new CMOS back firmware

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    Phase One new CMOS back firmware

    I see a new firmware for CMOS backs... 4.03.2...Anyone installed it yet? Coments??



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    Re: Phase One new CMOS back firmware

    Firmware for XF Camera
    Improved HAP-1 Autofocusing
    Sequence photography tools
    o Focus Stack Tool
    o HDR Tool
    o Time-lapse Tool
    Metadata from using these tools is stored within RAW files for integration to
    Capture One 9.1
    Self Timer Delay now an available Drive Mode
    Firmware for all IQ digital backs
    Major OneTouch UI improvement flat and modern design to align with the
    XF Top Screen Display
    XF Camera Control access directly from Home Screen
    Improved Contextual Menu consistency
    Improved menu system logic

    Some of this sound old? But the XF camera control access directly from home screen? Does that mean all the tools like HDR and Focus Stack can be setup from the LCD of the Back?

    That would be nice.

    Paul C

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    Re: Phase One new CMOS back firmware

    It says at the top..

    Compared to Previous Feature Update #2 SR 2.1, the new SR2.2 contains a new
    firmware for IQ3 50MP, IQ2 50MP, and IQ1 50MP digital back.
    The new firmware comprises a fix for a stripe phenomena in left side of live view
    screen on the 50MP digital back versions. It can be installed also on a 100MP, but
    there is no benefit for the 100MP digital backs.
    All other firmware versions remains the same as previous Feature Update #2 SR2.1

    So it appears to offer nothing new to anyone apart from '50 owners and solves a live view issue, not worth installing if you don't have a 50 I guess.

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