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Thread: Best second hand digital back for my 202FA

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    Best second hand digital back for my 202FA

    Hi All!

    First post here, it seems to be the best place for this kind of questions?

    Currently I have been shooting film for 2 years, developing b&w as well as color myself.
    Shot a digital Leica M8, MP for 3 years before I switched to film totally.

    I'm getting more and more studio-related job, which can be a bit cumbersome with film, and sometimes the motive itself might not be that "sexy" to really justify the extra work which working with film brings. Like shooting products for a webpage for example.
    Today I have a Hasselblad 202FA with a 50/2.0 F as well as the Planar 110/2.0 F
    What would the best second hand digital back be for me? I would like to being able to bring the camera out in the nature as well, so a laptop connected back is not going to work, it needs to have a CF card slot.

    Could you give me some tips?
    CFV-16 seems to be a good back, and it seems possible to find it used below 2000USD, but what kind of shutter count are the sensor good for? And are there anything else I should think about/consider? Any other brands? Aptus?

    Best Regards Patrik
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