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Thread: An Afternoon with DTG

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    Re: An Afternoon with DTG

    Quote Originally Posted by dfarkas View Post
    Thank you for finding this. Hasselblad certainly has no shortage of tech documentation.

    From my understanding of this document, the True Exposure feature is actually tweaking the aperture to compensate for the slowdown in shutter speed. The idea that you would have to disable custom setting #13 when using studio strobes at high sync speed seems a bit crazy to me. Isn't the whole point of having a fast leaf shutter so that you can sync with studio strobes? And if the photographer wants to shoot at a specific aperture for desired effect, why should the camera override this?

    Leica's approach, on the other hand, is to underrate the shutter speed so that they can achieve the listed speed at all aperture settings.

    No problem! There are stacks more white papers around.

    To be honest it would only be worth disabling true exposure at 1/800s using flash. As this is often a rare occurrence I don't see it as an issue.

    Also the changes True Exposure makes to the aperture are tiny incremental amounts so it is not likely to have any effect on DOF. Aperture is ONLY changed when the shutter is set to 1/800s. Otherwise as far as I can see (without proper documentation on their side) Leica is doing the same as us.



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    Re: An Afternoon with DTG

    I'm glad my article was a catalyst for this healthy discussion. Now if only I could shake this verdamnt cold.
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