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Thread: Reconditioning Phase Batteries

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    Question Reconditioning Phase Batteries

    I have four batteries for my P45+ back, marked 1,2,3,4. Number one and two have been used extensively (nr. 1 the most). Number three and four have mostly been backup batteries that have been used on some larger shoots about 4 or 5 times (I power a lot from my MBP as well.)

    Number one is almost finished, it will not hold much of a charge, number two is fine, but three and four (the least used ones) will not charge to 100% at all, the charger shows 40% for one and 60 % for the other before going blank. Number two is the only one that will go to 100 % on the charger.

    Is there a way to recondition battery 3 and 4, as they have seen little use, and are only about 1 year old...?

    Thanks for any tips and tricks.

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    Re: Reconditioning Phase Batteries

    Oh... forgot to say they are all the original p1 2500 versions...

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    Re: Reconditioning Phase Batteries

    I'm open to correction on this, but I think you can try running a battery right down, until it has absolutely no charge, then recharge it. It certainly works for my cellphone batteries!

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