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Thread: Phase Sensor +

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    Phase Sensor +

    read about this on LL:
    basically the Sensor + technology bundles four 6 micron sensor sites together to from an effective 12micron site with a total reduced res of 16Meg the goal being to improve the high ISO performance. worth the read.

    my question was, being a 16meg back user with 9 micron sensors, shouldn't this affect be apparent in these 9 micron backs as well? shouldn't the larger sensors have better signal to noise, whether it is 9 or 12?

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    Re: Phase Sensor +

    Technology just keeps getting better

    See: This thread on 6 micron Kodak sensors.

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    Re: Phase Sensor +

    Usually just the pixel-pitch is given in the technical data which has very little to do with the actual effective pixel size. In the last decade the fill-rate (how much of the sensor surface is actually light sensitive?) was increased, making the gaps between sensors smaller and therefore enlarge the light-sensitive area while the distance between each photosite remained the same or became even smaller (9->6,8->6micron with Kodak CCDs). That's why older 9micron sensors are not better but only less demanding regarding optical quality. Kodak stated once that 5micron is the limit in the future, which propably means that they reach a fill-rate near 100% and therefore don't need to compromise DR/noise.

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    Re: Phase Sensor +

    P65+ Sensor+ technology combines 4 pixels into one Super pixel. Phase One referred to as ”color binning”

    benefits to doing this is:
    File sizes are reduced to 25% while using the whole CCD
    15Mb file format IIQ-L
    10Mb file format IIQ-S
    (full res 60.5)
    faster capture rate
    4 times higher sensitivity with ISO 200-3200 (meaning better quality)
    Less Moire

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