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Thread: B&W Filters

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    B&W Filters

    I'm sometimes not in the best of conditions with my camera gear (rain, dust, jumping over fences, etc). I want to protect my 23HR when I'm not in the most ideal locations with a filter, but I can't figure out of the B+W Extra Wide version is as wide as the Slim/XS-Pro version. I have a B+W 72mm Extra Wide MRC UV filter that I slapped on the lens and it seems that at a 5mm shift, the filter will vignette an extra millimeter. I was first thinking of getting a Heliopan 72-105mm step up ring to mount a B+W 105mm Slim, but I realized that the flange of the step up ring (where the 72mm part of the filter makes a right angle towards the 105mm) might still vignette. I took notice that the flange's tip of the right angle and the lip of the filter's thread are aligned perfectly with the edge of the aperture, I am guessing that the diameter of the flange will remain the same even if I increase the filter thread size to 105mm. I then thought about using a plain ol' Slim MRC on the 72mm front element, but I'm not sure if I would still be better off with an Extra Wide. Any thoughts?

    Here's the step up ring.



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    Re: B&W Filters

    You might want to check this out:

    SKGrimes makes an adapter that slips over the outside of a lens barrel, and is held in place by friction between an encircling O-ring and the lens barrel outside surface. They make them to order, so you can get whatever filter size you want. A very well made trick* application.

    * An old hot rodder term for a well designed solution.

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