Hi all, some of you may have already seen an old thread re:Regnerating old Hasselblad battery grips. this thread is quite old so I thought I'd update it with my recent recelling.
Sorry for my shoddy soldering (even though I'm an electrical engineer and regularly solder 0201 components lol). Anyway doesnt have to be pretty.

So this is a USA build, previous suppliers only shipped to the EU. My old grip gave about 30 shots worth of power on my H5d, and now the grip gives about 300.

I bought two of these 850mah our batteries to make a 1700mah battery. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...n_battery.html

The configuration should be 2s1p. We want to actually rebuild the cell, not just solder them and reconnect, this way we can maintain our power level readings in camera.
Below, the two red cells are the original power cells in the grip. And the two yellow AA looking cells are the new ones.

We want to carefully peel back all the black shrink wrap on the original cell, while maintaining all the connections to the balancing board below. Then we simply, disconnect all the connections and reconnect to our new cells.

There is a metal piece on the bottom which connects both the positive and negative terminals to one connection as can be seen in the pictures. The other side, the red cable connects as shown to the negative terminal and the black cable connects the positive terminal. Carefully check if the battery still charges and you should be good to go. I just wrapped my new cell up in electrical tape and stuck it all back in to the grip. Any questions just ask!

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