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Thread: Exposure issues with Capture 4.6 thumbnails

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    Exposure issues with Capture 4.6 thumbnails

    I consistently seem to have an issue with P45 files and Capture 4.x or 3.7.8.
    When the thumbnails first load in, they appear to have the correct exposure. However after all the thumbs are loaded and Capture goes back and processes each thumbnail it seems to add about .70 of exposure to each image.

    With this last shoot, Capture seemed to add this extra exposure to almost every image. I finally went back and looked at the images again on the camera's LCD to make sure I had exposed the images like I remembered and yes, none were this overexposed.

    I then checked the same raw files in Lightroom and they all load in with the exposure I expected, without anything extra.

    Is there any setting I have missed? I loaded the files on two different machines and both have this same issue.

    Paul Caldwell

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    Re: Exposure issues with Capture 4.6 thumbnails

    It's not unexpected that when the program reads the ultra-small built-in thumbnail and refreshes it with a computer-calculated thumbnail that the image might brighten slightly. 0.7 stops seems a bit high from my experience but is not far from what I would have otherwise guessed (0.3-0.5).

    Are you sure that the image is actually brighter? How do the histograms compare? The digital back LCD requires some getting used to for exposure evaluation.

    Soft proofing might be on so check View - Soft Proof.

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