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Thread: I'm going MFB with a Tech View for Landscape

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    Re: I'm going MFB with a Tech View for Landscape

    The image quality difference between a Phase One P25 and an Sony A900 is much more significant than the similar "marked resolution" of the systems would indicate. This can be attested to by the several A900 owners who were at the workshop that were able to freely work with both Phase and Sony systems.

    Those same people can attest to Steven's penchant for "crackling" sharp images corner-to-corner as well as the other measures of IQ like shadow color accuracy, tonal smoothness, 3D effect, and dynamic range.

    All very true, Doug, but not my point.


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    Re: I'm going MFB with a Tech View for Landscape

    Besides the IQ itself the process of taking the image (composing, exposure etc) can make a huge difference IMO.
    For example I have a Nikon DSLR and a 24PCE lens, but have not used it in the same way as I have used my lately aquired tech camera (ArTec).
    I now even think it might be a good thing that the ArTec is not really handholdable, so I am forced to use a tripod.
    And the fact that there is no exposure meter forces me to really work with/look at the histogramm. (with the Nikon I know auto works pretty good so I often just shoot and shoot)
    with the loupe I look more intensive on the groundglass than I would in my DSLR finder.
    And if I have to use the tripod anyways I also would/will use shift etc more often (even in cases where I think it would be ok without but just a little better with shift).
    This is probably very personal, of course you also can use a dslr manual on a tripod etc etc, in my case there is often not enough self-discipline to do so.
    Of course its an expensive way to compensate for missing self discipline.
    But today, in times of cellphone-photography, in the time of everything to be faster and faster it feels good to do something where you need to take time, and where you try to get the very best result and not just quick quick.
    The other thing is fun. I just enjoy the simplicity of a tech camera, I enjoy the mechanics.
    And you allways know-if you do a good job than the result will be of very high quality.

    Thats just my opinion as a tech camera newby - but on the other side I agree that I would not want to give up a DSLR which I really need for other subjects.

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