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Thread: B&W MF utility??

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    B&W MF utility??

    I am a LF B&W (810 & 45) non pro shooter and MF digital is a total mystery to me (never can undestand the pricing and depriciation factors). However I see some beautiful color files being produced on this thread.

    Is there any advantage (quality of output) in shooting B&W images with MF digital over 45 and 810 LF film? I have not found any but perhaps I am missing something.

    Thanks for any and all words of wisdom.


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    Re: B&W MF utility??

    B&W MF has a long way to go. B&W film can as high as 16-bit dynamic range, maybe even more with such as TMX, however the best MF digital has about 12~13 bits only.

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    Re: B&W MF utility??

    If quality of output is your only concern, nothing currently available can touch 8x10 black and white film for black and white output, particularly if you are using a completely analog workflow. If you scan film and print digitally, you might want to rent one of the latest 50-60mp backs and see how they strike you.
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    Re: B&W MF utility??

    Phase One makes a monochrome back. It's a B/W version of the P45+. Try talking to your Phase One dealer for a demo or contact Phase One directly for more information.

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