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View Poll Results: Will you sell your MFD gear if the D800 holds on its promise?


This poll will close on 21st February 2012 at 09:08

  • Never. I don't care about paying 10x as much for 10% more quality.

    16 17.39%
  • C'mon, D800 will never match DoF, dynamic range and microcontrast of my Phase One!

    34 36.96%
  • I'm into tech cams.Won't give up Rodesntocks & stitching, even if that luxury costs me 40k more!

    15 16.30%
  • Damn. I just sold off my Canon/Nikon gear to get into MFD!

    8 8.70%
  • If that Zeiss/Leica glass on the D800E performs as I think it should ... EBAY here I come!

    5 5.43%
  • I just preordered a D800E. Hell it's cheaper than that MFD lens I'm longing for!

    14 15.22%