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  1. Hi Greg

    Sorry for the lone delay in replying however we were gone for a spell and I'm back now attempting to catch up before I head out again. End of poor excuse.

    Thank you for your very kind words regarding the work and I'm very pleased to see that you got an image you are equally proud of. While clouds are great smoke will do just as well if there isn't any clouds. Actually I've found that smoke will sometimes help enhance an otherwise dull sunset to make it stunning. We had several overcast days while in Jackson Hole and one day we went out to where road crews were burning a pile of brush and was able to incorporate the smoke into the image. Take it anyway you can get it!

    Looking forward to seeing your image please let me know when you post it.

  2. Don,

    I was kind of taken aback when I saw your sunrise picture. I have an almost identical image of the exact same landscape of Monument Valley. We were staying at the View and one morning before dawn, my wife asked me if I had looked outside. When I went out I was stunned to see the image you captured. I have several images with one almost identical to yours. I have always admired your work so I was quite pleased that I had done the image in 2009. Mine have a interesting "cloud" that makes them very interesting, but my wife told me later it was smoke from a fire in Flagstaff! Oh well, now everyone knows.

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