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  1. Hi Richard,

    I had a love-hate relationship with the groundglass and focusing hood almost from the start. I originally bought it thinking I'd use it in conjunction with filters with a side benefit of focusing. I found it adequate for filter placement however not so with focusing. I also found the glass rather dark even in the bright southwest skies. The hood also leaked light to the point of making it unusable without first draping a cloth over the edge where the hood and glass attached.

    All in all I feel while it was okay, the major problem I had with it was due to me wearing tri-focals which added more problems. I ended up not using the combination as much as I thought I would thus sold it.

    Just looked at your final question again. I did find the built-in loop in the hood useful once I conquered the leaking light and took my glasses off and just looked at the image. I don't think I really ever tried doing and critical focusing with it however.

  2. Don,


    1) When you had your GG and the loupe, was your GG the first patch (w/o fresnel lens) or the later patch of GG that has the fresnel lens?

    2) I know the focusing loupe is from the original sliding back and is only 1.7x. I have used it when I had the studio LF system with Schneider lenses. As you know, Digitar lenses are very dark and the GG on the sliding back was NOT fresnel. So the combination of the two and the 1.7x loupe didn't create a very comfortable device (albeit why I got KaptureGroup sliding back using V-series prism. Therefore, the question is (sorry long winded), did you find it manageable with the current Cambo RS GG with that focusing loupe?

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